America's original premium spring water.

Proudly uncrafted since 1871.

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The Mountain Valley Spring Water

In a remote valley of Ouachita (WASH-ah-taw) Mountains, U.S.A. on two-thousand acres of protected forest is a natural spring as old as our great land. The legendary water that flows from it began its journey over 3,500 years earlier, slowly filtering through 1,600 feet of layered mineral-rich stone. The refreshing taste and purifying power of our water make every single drop worth the wait. Rest assured, we want to keep our sacred source pure, flowing and sustainable for a few thousand years more. Drink up!

Natural. Authentic. Original.

We pride ourselves on being America's authentic and original premium bottled spring water. We don't mess with it, fuss over it or add anything to it. We simply bottle it. As is, as we have since 1871. The Mountain Valley Spring Water is available in several sizes of our iconic green glass bottles, and in larger 2.5- and 5-gallon returnable glass containers. Also available in convenient recyclable and BPA-free plastic bottles.

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Mineral-rich revitalizing goodness.

In pursuit of healthy life, pure refreshment and a crisp clean taste. Discerning water lovers know the benefits of our detoxifying alkalinity and the unique profile that comes from naturally occurring minerals. Everything we bottle comes from this same natural source. Our sparkling water is the same pure spring water, with natural CO2 added for carbonation. Also try our delicious zero-calorie flavored sparkling waters, bubbly with just a hint of natural fruit essence.